Sunny day

Pslm 97:11 

Light is sown for the righteous and joy for the upright in heart 

I love a bright sunny day. Especially when there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and this is exactly what I pictured when I read this verse. The sun being the brightest light we have in the sky; yet even it pales compared to the light of Christ which was sown for us. He makes us righteous through faith and then in His eyes we become upright in heart and receive His Joy.

Jesus is our sunny day so wake up sleeper, rise and shine for the light has come!

I will celebrate the light of Jesus everyday. He is the source of real joy!

Holy Father

Come and fill me its your joy, and let me walk in your light



Life Shock

1 Thessalonians 2:13 And we also thank God constantly for this, that when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men but as what it really is, the word of God, which is at work in you believers.

 There is an item that you toss into a koi pond if you have green water that releases millions of bacteria that immediately  go to work to restore it’s clarity helping to balance the ecosystem. God’s word is like that in our lives. His word if allowed in immediately goes to work and  balances out the ecosystem of our lives. It corrects us, changes us,and makes us better people…His people. The problem is most Christians don’t get into their Bible for themselves. So we flounder in the green water of sinful thoughts, habits, and words. Never changing; always remaining the same. We need His word at work in us to restore clarity and balance

I’m going to continue to make reading God’s word a daily priority and habit. I will continue to allow it to change me.

Holy Father,

Your Word is living and can be active in me from within, but only if I get it into my life daily. I know it will work on my hidden sin and make me more like you. So I will make your word a daily priority.


By the way green water is usually caused by too much fish waste. So essentially they are swimming in their own filth. Don’t swim in your filth give your life a shock and make reading the Bible a priority.

Inside Out

Matt 23:25 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.
I saw a preacher who was holding a cup in his hand ask a woman who had volunteered to vigorously shake his hand while he held the cup. Water spilled out over the rim and onto the floor. Then he asked her “Why did the water spill out of the cup when you shook my hand?” She replied with the obvious “Because that was what was in it.” “Exactly!” He said. His point was this: when we experience a shaking what comes out of us is that which is in us…Wow! I don’t know about anyone else but I am ashamed by what too often comes out when I’m shook.

I want to be so changed by Jesus and God’s word that I’ll be an empty cup where nothing will come out when shook. Because God has washed it clean. He is the source to wash away all my filth and empty the cup of my life making it new.
Holy Father,

Do your work in me! Change me and make me clean. Holy Spirit have your perfect work in me until it is finished.