Real social justice

Often I hear Christians talk about social justice in the sense of feeding and clothing the poor. Most of the time it’s to alieviate some strange sense of guilt they feel about their economic situation or out of some twisted way of thinking that believes that the poor are some how more righteous than the rich.

They become outraged over perceived injustices against people of a lower socio-economic position than they find themselves in. So they point out how God loves the poor, and believe that faith in action is caring for the poor and fighting for them.

Is this really social justice?

To be honest God does love the poor, but he doesn’t love them any more than the rich. They are no more righteous than the wealthy just because they are poor. This isn’t social justice either. Rather it is Marxist theology that is a false view of the gospel.

If you and I want real social justice then let’s stand and fight drugs and alcohol. Think of the homes destroyed that you know of from alcohol alone. How many children have been abused by a drunk mother or father? How many children are wards of the state because of the drug epidemic? Homes destroyed grandparents raising grandchildren because of drugs and alcohol abuse. Where is the Christian brother or Sister helping them?

God is concerned for the poor no doubt but what about the wealthy alcoholic or heroine addict? Why do we not stand up against these sins as a real fight for social justice?



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