Now it’s done

Not guilty. That was the verdict like it or not. The problem we face as a nation is what to do with the men and women who wrongly claimed this was about race; from the New York Times who claimed Zimmerman was a “White Hispanic” to Al Sharpton, and even President Obama.

What do I believe? What’s my opinion? What I think is we have way to much anger, resentment, and hatred on all sides of the race issue! However, the one bright spot in this for me is the reaction of Travon Martons parents who spoke out against violence, hatred, and the stupidity that has surrounded this case.

My heart and prayers go out to these two people. I pray that God will give them the grace to eventually get to the place of forgiveness. Because they have been the shinning example of how those in authority should have behaved. The rest should be ashamed of themselves for seeking political advantage, and name recognition off of the back of a dead 17 year old boy.

May God have mercy and grace upon the parents of Travon Martin, and provide healing for their broken hearts.


One response to “Now it’s done

  1. with all the race issues in the world i thought i would post this at least theres some good tremar is african american and the little girl is white
    Teens Chase Kidnapping Suspect On Bikes, Save 5-Year-Old Girl
    LANCASTER, Pa. — Two teenage boys are being hailed as heroes after they chased a car carrying a kidnapped girl — on their bicycles.

    Five-year-old Jocelyn Rojas was playing in her front yard in Lancaster, Pa., when she vanished Thursday afternoon. Authorities say she was abducted by a man who lured her by offering ice cream.

    For two hours, neighbors and police scoured the area and asked if anyone had seen her.

    Temar Boggs, 15, and his friend took off on their bicycles to search.

    About a half-mile away, they spotted Jocelyn in a sedan. But the driver was elusive.

    “Every time we’d go down the street, he’d turn back around, and then … we’ll follow him,” Temar said.

    The two teens chased the alleged kidnapper on their bikes for 15 heart-pounding minutes. The driver apparently knew he was being followed and gave up.

    “He stopped at the end of the hill and let her out, and she ran to me and said that she needed her mom,” Temar said.

    Jocelyn’s relatives and neighbors took turns hugging Temar.

    “He’s our hero. There is just no words to say,” Jocelyn’s grandmother Tracey Clay said.

    Police are looking for the suspect, described as a white male between 50 and 70 years old. He was driving a reddish-purple or maroon car with round taillights, WGAL reported. The man was wearing green shoes, green pants and a red-and-white striped shirt. He walked with a limp.

    Although the suspect remains at large, Temar feels good about finding Jocelyn.

    “I just feel like I did something very accomplishing today,” the teen said. The girl’s family couldn’t agree more.

    also dad i read your blog

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