Pray Constantly?

1 Thes. 5:17 “constantly pray”, NET

Have you ever read a verse like that and thought “What!”” How can I constantly pray?” I’ve looked at that verse and wondered how I could constantly pray.  I admit I’ve tried to do it. I really have. I always seem to fall short, but then an idea hit me square in the face.

I may not be able to constantly verbalize my prayers, however I can attempt to obtain a state of mind that is focused upon my need to pray. If I am focused upon my need to pray then I will more often than not find myself praying when and where I can. Prayer does not need to be a formal thing. It can be informal and short. You know, I’ve found out a couple of things about this kind of prayer.

The first is I’ve discovered the great love and concern my Lord has for my life daily. Like the times I misplace an important report at work and seek God’s intervention to help me find it. Then a silent prayer of thanksgiving when I recall where I left it.

The second thing is I’ve found a greater sense of God’s presence and my need for Him. This is I believe one of the greatest benefits to prayer. It’s vital for us to know He is near.”

Indeed an attitude or mind set upon a constant need to pray is a key way to experience all God has for us.


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