Thinking differently, and acting differently.

God loves you ans has a wonderful plan for your…have you ever heard some one say a phrase like that while trying to evangelize some one else? I’ve heard it, used it, and am quite tired of it. Most people who are not Christians have heard it too.  We live in a day and age where people are skeptical of these types of catch phrases.

The other day I was in a store, and saw a gospel tract lying on a shelf. It was designed to look like a thousand dollar bill. I thought interesting, I wonder how many times that the person who left this, has left it for a tip for a waitress on a busy Sunday morning. (I know a little cynical) My point is this. We need to stop using canned, overused, and weird tricks to reach those who are not Christians.

Rather what  we need is to think and act differently when it comes to reaching those who are not yet Christians. I know some are thinking, that the old methods are the best. Well maybe they once were, but they aren’t now. As a NASCAR fan I don’t want to see my favorite driver in a car from the 1980’s running Daytona with the cars of today. It would be silly to think he would be competitive. Why do we insist on running the race for souls in such a way?

Listen, people today don’t care how much you know unless they see how much you care. So instead of sharing the gospel first, and your life second, share your life first, and weave into it how your decision to follow Christ has changed it. Ditch the presentations, and get real with them about Jesus and His saving, and changing power in your life.

Here’s an idea.

How about the next time you go to a real nice dinner you ask the server if they have a need in their life that you can pray over before your meal. Then instead of the 15-20% you should be tipping,  give 30%. That way you show you care about them physically, and spiritually.


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