Whatchoo talkinbout translated: (What are you talking about?)

I’ve got an Aunt who talks in a way that to the average person would seem to be another language. For example did you realize that you car doesn’t use oil? Nope, according to my Aunt it uses “Arrul” (Pronounced ARRR  UL).  Oh yea, she also doesn’t wash clothes either; She warshes them. One time at a family gathering she asked me to pray by saying, “Danny would you ask the Lard to bless the food?” I almost bowed my head and said this. “Oh Great and mighty Crisco, giver of all good things like funnel cakes, deep fried Twinkies, and fried chicken. Please bless this mess, and forgive us for boiling the potato’s instead of frying them.”

She cracks me up

I often wonder how strange we sound to those around us, who don’t know Christ as Savior. We have to be careful to explain our faith to people by using words they will understand. Otherwise we’ll end up speaking a language they can’t understand.


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