Help for the extreme

Something I noticed about working in the extreme, is the fact that things get more difficult when you are alone. It was 9 degrees one morning last week and I had to get some work done. I started it by myself and got some of it done, but when my help arrived we were able to get it finished in a shorter amount of time. Why? Because, while the extreme didn’t get any easier it became easier to bear with a fellow laborer working toward the same goal.

It’s the same in the spiritual extreme we live in today. By ourselves the work is hard, and sometimes seems to be down right impossible. However when we have a co-laborer to work with we can bear so much more. Jesus himself said to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out laborers into the fields.  We need each other, but sometimes we act as if we don’t.

Our love for one another will draw people to Jesus when it’s shone to the world. We show this by getting in the trenches of the extremes of this world together, and getting busy with the work we are called to do. I can encourage you, and you can encourage me.

Encourage…now there is a word! It means “to make strong”. We make each other strong by encouraging each other to tap into the source of empowerment the Holy Spirit, and work in the extremes of our day to reach this world for Jesus Christ. It’s time that the people who make up the Church of Jesus Christ become His hands and feet in this world!


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