Eating for the extreme!

I’ve noticed something about working in extreme temperatures. You tend to eat differently in hot weather than cold. When it was over 100 degrees with 60% humidity the last thing I wanted was a heavy meal or hot soup. However, now that it’s as much as 70 degrees cooler I’ll take a bowl of hot cream of Tomato or a good meal either way, I have to eat in order to replace the calories I burn.

In a world full of extremes we expend allot of  spiritual strength, and it needs replacing. The problem is that for most of us we rely on Sunday Morning service, and possibly a Wednesday night from time to time to replace the energy we burn daily. Or if your schedule is like mine where you get one to two Sundays off a month, you can deplete your energy pretty quick. But even if you get off every Sunday and are in Church it’s not enough food to keep your strength up.

So what do we do? Well we have to go to an additional source. That source is God’s word! It’s there that we get fed for life in the extremes of this world! It’s in His word we find the water to quench our deepest spiritual thirst! Sounds old fashioned doesn’t it? Well so are chop sticks but that doesn’t stop the Chinese from using them! So are a knife and fork, and you keep use them.

Getting into God’s word is the same thing (spiritually speaking). What we need is a devotional plan that takes us into God’s word. It’s there we’ll find what we need. It maybe that God will show you a powerful life changing truth, or a quick thought for the day. I use the S.O.A.P plan. It stands for Scripture Observation Application Prayer. All you need is a through the Bible in a year plan and off you go. (For a more detailed explanation got to )

God fed the people of Israel in the desert; He has provided food for us as well, and we like them have to and get it.


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