In the extreme!

It was 107 degrees, and I was loading what seemed to be 70# bags of shredded hardwood mulch into the back of this guy’s pick up. Sweat pouring off of me like water from a faucet, but I had a job to do, and I was doing it to the best of my ability so stopping wasn’t an option. See my job requires me to work in all kinds of temperatures, and weather. I don’t stop because it’s 107 or -10, I keep going because I’m asked to; and get paid to do my job.

We are living in a day and age of extremes; in times where unless you are extreme in your views you have no voice.Look at the news, it’s one extremist after another. whether it’s Islamist extremist, Gay rights extremist, or Pro Choice extremist. Pro life extremist, Gun rights extremist, ect.

Yet, we who are Christian have a job to do. We have to share the gospel and expand the Kingdom of God in this culture of extremes. So we can either sit back and lament the extremes, or get up and get busy doing what we are called and rewarded to do in the midst of the extremes! However, extremes are hard to face with out a few things, the proper nourishment, attire, and help. It’s these three things I’ll be talking about in my next few post’s.


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