You better not pray like that!

Jeremiah 12:3

But as for me, LORD, you know my heart.
You see me and test my thoughts.
Drag these people away like sheep to be butchered!
Set them aside to be slaughtered!
You know if you stood up in any Church in this country and prayed the same prayer as Jeremiah does in 12:3 you would be criticized as unforgiving and hateful. However, God doesn’t criticize Jeremiah for his prayer or feelings. It’s not just Jeremiah who prays like this. Read the Psalms and you see some pretty honest expressions of anger and bitterness before God.

We need to give expression to how we really feel. When we hide it, or try in the name of “Positive Confession” to hide it we are kidding ourselves.
The reality is God knows how we feel any way. He is all knowing after all! We maybe wrong in how we feel, but trying to hide or deny it only leads to self delusion and resentment. Rather, we should express exactly how we feel to the Lord so He can deal with our feelings and thoughts.

Truthfulness before God is the path to freedom.

I’ve found that when I am angry and wounded by someone, if I try to keep silent about it before God I quietly seethe, inside like a crock pot slowly cooks my anger slowly heats up.
However, when I go before God, and confess how angry, bitter, and unforgiving I am, and admit my powerlessness, and unwillingness to forgive and let go the offense I find that  comfort, conviction and willingness to forgive follows.
It may take many times of confession on my part, but eventually I’ll get where I need to be. For me praying like Jeremiah can be freeing because it causes me to face how I really feel about the person, or people I’m angry with.

It’s stupid to hide how we really feel. As long as we confess it to God and admit our helplessness, He will comfort, convict, and enable us to deal with the emotions and the offense.


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