Get out of the way!

 I usually don’t post my devotions, today however I felt others might need this.

1Co 10:33 I always try to please others instead of myself, in the hope that many of them will be saved.

How often do we hear Christians say things like “me, mine, or I” all of which are personal pronouns. Paul however seems to stress that we need to change our vocabulary to use words like “you, them, or they”. He is pointing out that selfishness is one of the biggest ways to destroy your testimony. Paul believes that putting aside your own wants for the sake of others is the key to reaching some for Christ! Selfishness is the way of the world, and therefore has no place in our lives.

I realize how selfish I can sometimes be. Paul seems here at least seems to emphasize that selfishness is a major barrier to people coming to know Jesus as savior. Selfishness puts something between them and Jesus…ME. I wonder how often I come between Jesus and the person needing the gospel? I need to place others needs ahead of my own in order to be truly effective in sharing my faith.

Side note: This is my own personal thoughts and reflections on scripture. The devotional method I use is S.O.A.P. Feel free to ask me any questions on how it’s done.


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