Saying Goodbye (The Hope)

I’ve been reading in my spare time a book called “90 Minutes in Heaven” it a book about a Pastor who was killed and went to heaven for a brief period of time. And then miraculously was restored to life. It’s a true story of courage and how to deal with pain and when life gets altered.

It has served (along with my theology) to remind me that for Mom this life is passing away, dementia right along with it. See we often act as if this life is all there is. It’s not! Mom is a Christian, so once this life passes away she will start the next in the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ! Victory will be her’s because first it was His!

Jesus told us that “He goes to prepare a place for us”  John 14: 1-3. This is GREAT NEWS!!!! Jesus Christ Himself has prepared Mom’s place for her, so We have hope. The other thing we know for certain is that there is no sickness or disease, this means that all the people she is. and will be forgetting. she will know and remember.

The point is this: Death has no victory over a Christian, it holds no sting for those who have placed their hope in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! It does however hold victory over those who aren’t Christians.

I believe in divine healing, I know God heals today just as He did in the Bible. I pray for Mom’s healing, however God might just decide that He wants her ultimate healing in Heaven. That is just fine with me, because I trust my Savior to have prepared the perfect place for Mom.

Besides I will see her again!



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