Here is real Hope and Change For America!

Over the last five blogs we’ve been looking at elements that make up effective prayer for our nation. The four elements we have looked at are:

1. Confess the greatness of God and His love for us!

2. Confession of our national sin

3. Confess our personal participation in those sins.

4. Confess the fact that God is right and just in punishing us for those sins.

     The fifth and final element is Confess that He has promised to restore the repentant, because He is the redeemer! 

This is the key in praying for our nation. Like the first element where we confess the greatness of God, this element states a fundamental truth about God and His nature! That is; that God has promised to redeem and restore His repentant people! (1 John 1:9) In fact from Genesis to Revelation we read about a God that took the initiative and offered redemption to men and woman who were not looking for it.

This fact of God’s nature is something we can stand on!  Let’s appeal to this part of God’s nature because He longs to show His redeeming power to a repentant people. The question for us is are we truly repentant?

I’m not talking to people who are not Christians. I’m talking to Christians! Are we repentant of our divisions, lying, gossip, selfishness, and worse? Are we willing to admit our pride, our self reliance, and throw ourselves upon the mercy of God?

If we are; then we can rely upon God to restore and forgive! He will heal our land for His namesake! He is the redeemer and Restorer of the repentant!

I am amazed at how the above elements so closely follow 2 Chron. 7:14. The first step in humbling ourselves is confessing the greatness of God and His unending love! We humble ourselves by admitting in prayer that He and HE alone is great! we further humble ourselves by confessing our nations sin, and our participation in it. When we confess our personal sin and the fact that God is right and just to punish us, and our nation for our sin, We truly will see our need for a redeemer who will restore us and our land.

Please over the next few weeks pray for this Nation by Joining me by putting into prayer these five elements! Do me another favor if you would, click like on this blog as your commitment in praying for this nation.


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