Infected Nation

I am very concerned for my country. Not since the civil war have we had more at stake in an election than this one. My concern however is not so much with the candidates but with the moral, and spiritual direction of our country. ( I am a conservative and I will vote that way. However, I do not believe that either candidate will change the inevitable, because neither posses a relationship with Jesus Christ. One is a member of a cult, the other is standing for ungodliness in the form of abortion, and Gay Marriage.)

While the politicians focus upon the symptoms of our national sickness things like the deficit, national debt, gay marriage, taxation, abortion, and the trouble in our economy, I wonder who is going to focus on curing our national disease? If all we do is deal with the symptoms eventually the disease will destroy us.

Yesterday while reading a section of the Bible in my devotions I was re-confronted with a truth that I believe is a call to Christians to treat the disease of our nation. Over the next few blogs I am going to lay out 5 things that Christians must do to see the Great Physician treat and heal our disease.

The national disease is not the symptoms we see being battled over in the arena of politics. Rather it’s poison has spread through out the whole of our society including the Church. I believe that the answer is not found in either Party Republican or Democrat. Rather the answer is found in the healing , saving power of Jesus Christ.

Our national disease is the rejection of God and His Holy Standard.

Christian, If you want to see revival, real revival sweep our nation then start today, and cry out to Jesus Christ our Lord  the words of blind Bartimaeus “Jesus Son of David have mercy on me!” Only let us cry out “Jesus Son of David have mercy on us!”

Don’t wait! Do it now! Let us cry out for ourselves, our families, our Church’s, our cities, our states, and our nation! Everyday cry out louder until Jesus ask’s us “what is it you want me to do for you?” It’s up to us!!

Join me as I lay out the 5 elements of the divine prescription for healing our national disease.


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