I love to taste my foot!

Yes, you read that right. I must love to taste my foot, because I often seem to stick it in my mouth. Why I once stuck my foot so far in my mouth I had get an enema to get it out.
Let me explain.
I was at a production that our Church was putting on for the community, and to see my son who was performing in it. The setting of the play was in the 1940’s. When a friend of mine whom I will call Maggie came out from behind part of the set.
So I assumed that she must be in the production. I don’t know why I did, and yes I know what assuming does, because I am living proof of it as you will see!

Anyway, I asked her “Hey Maggie! how far back in the eighties did you have to go to get that dress?” ( Geeze I hope you can’t get athletes foot of the tongue!) See! I told you I know what assuming does!
When I found out that she wasn’t in the play I felt and still feel terrible!! I apologized, and still am apologizing for it. The thing is my wife and I really love this couple. They must love us because their response was to forgive my stupidity! As a matter of fact she told me ‘It’s all covered by grace!”
How awesome is that thought! How Christlike of her! Why can’t we all do that? Why don’t we? We are called to by our Lord Jesus Christ. If we truly believe in Him then we must like Maggie behave like Him.

Oh and by the way my respect for this person increased tremendously. She and her husband are people who truly understand Grace! Because they extended to me forgiveness when I didn’t deserve it.

Thanks Maggie!

(The events of the above story are true. Only the name was changed to protect the innocent and give me a chance to eat something else besides my foot!)


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