The Redefinition of Marriage

A lot has been said recently in regards to marriage. The politicians have declared themselves as in favor of same sex marriage, or against it. Many of my fellow Christians have waded into the fray to do battle against the push to redefine marriage. I agree that we must take a stand in the redefinition of marriage. We should stand up for the Biblical definition of marriage period. Marriage is between a man and a woman.
And yet a question is haunting me. Exactly who started to redefine Marriage and when? This question began forming in my mind as I read a Blog on this issue that spoke clearly to Christians about the loose way we have handled marriage. The Blog “Public Catholic” (“Marriage is a mess and Homosexuals didn’t do it!”) by Rebecca Hamilton started me thinking deeply about this “Culture war” on marriage. I have been praying and pondering this for some time and have decided that I can no longer keep silent. Like Jeremiah I say: “If I say: I won’t mention Him or speak any longer in His name, His message becomes a fire burning in my heart, shut up in my bones. I become tired of holding it in, and I cannot prevail.” Jer 20:9
I’m not really sure why but God has laid a message upon my heart for Christians today. This message will not be an easy one to hear, nor will it be easy for me to speak. Please understand something I am grieved over this message. I am not, nor do I consider myself to be now, or ever a prophet. I’m a man who has been given a word…rather a continuance of what Rebecca Hamilton started in her blog (Rebecca thank you for your faithfulness).
Before I post the beginning of this word, I want to say something to my friends and family. I love you. I really do. I by no means think badly of any of you, nor do I wish to be the cause of pain in your life. However, I must speak what I have been given.
This is what I’ve been given. “The culture war on marriage started when Christians abandoned God’s Holy purpose for Marriage, and started to divorce and remarry at will. By abandoning His Holy standard for marriage and doing what we feel is right has opened the floodgates of its destruction in our nation. We have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. Unless we repent of the careless way we have handled God’s word and purpose for marriage, we shouldn’t expect Him to pour out His spirit upon us. We want God to heal our land but refuse to allow Him to heal our homes.” Mal 2:13-16
If you have been divorced understand something: All Christians are to blame. Just because some of us may have not been divorced doesn’t mean we are not guilty of taking what God has ordained for granted. Please bear with me and allow God to speak.
Please lift me up as I begin to share the whole message I’ve been given. Pray that God will use it to call His people to repentance.


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