Essentials to right relationship with God.


God sets forth patterns in His word for us to follow so that we might have a close relationship with Him.  In the Old Testament He shows us patterns of obedience that you and I should pay attention to.

See the Old Testament is not a collection of myths and stories, but rather a vital glimpse into how a Holy God deals with His people, and how His people should relate to Him.

When God call’s us in to a relationship with Him it is an exclusive relationship. And in this relationship He calls us to a faith that requires us to forsake ourselves and embrace Him and His will.

I saw an example of how we should do this while reading an account of Jonathan and David  in 1 Sam 23: 7-18 in particular verses 15-18. In it we see Jonathan illustrating for us three steps of right relationship.

Surrendering, Submitting, Standing

I want to look at these three essentials not just in the context of 1 Samuel 23, but in how they can effect our walk with Jesus Christ today.


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