The Holiness of God.

This one attribute God singles out as his most valuable.


God swears by His holiness that He will be faithful to His promise to David.

Ps 89:35-37

35 Once for all, I have sworn by my holiness

and I will not lie to David —

36 that his line will continue forever

and his throne endure before me like the sun;

37 it will be established forever like the moon,

the faithful witness in the sky


We also see in Amos God swearing that He will make sure that the northern kingdom of Israel was lead into captivity.

Amos 4:2

The Sovereign Lord has sworn by his holiness:

“The time will surely come

when you will be taken away with hooks,

the last of you with fishhooks.


Here we see God using his holiness as a pledge or guarantee that He will accomplish what he promised. It is obvious God honors this attribute above all others. Speaking of these verses David Charnock writes:

“It is as if he should have said, since I have not a more excellent perfection to swear by than that of my holiness, I lay this as a pawn for your security, and bind myself by that which I will never part with, were it possible for me to be stripped of all the rest.”  By placing His holiness as a pledge for a promise ,God is valuing it above His other attributes.

Since we now know that God is concerned with His holiness above all of His other attributes,  let’s look at how God is separate from us in His Holiness.


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