The Holiness of God.

Why did a God of love drive Adam and Eve from His presence? (Gen.3:23)  For that matter, why did God say that His spirit would no longer strive with man? (Gen 6:7)The answer lies at the heart of who and what God is.  Indeed, God’s greatest attribute is not His power, love, or even his strength. God’s greatest attribute is His holiness. Stephen Charnock , a puritan from the 17th century, has this to say about the Holiness of God: The Holiness of God is His glory, as His grace is His riches; holiness is His crown, and his mercy is his treasure. This is the blessedness and nobleness of His nature; it renders Him glorious in Himself and glorious to His creatures that understand anything of this lovely perfection.”

Charnock goes on to say Hence he is in scripture styled often the Holy one, the Holy one of Jacob, the Holy One of Israel; and oftener entitled Holy than Almighty, and set by this part of His dignity more than any other. This is more affixed as an epithet to His name than any other: you never find it expressed His mighty name, or His wise name; but His great name, and most of all, His holy name. This is the greatest title of honor: in this doth the majesty and venerablenes of His name appear.”

Charnock is correct in exalting this attribute higher than all others. This one attribute is exalted above all others in the Scriptures.  If you and I are going to have a proper understanding of God and the detestable nature of our Sin, we must start with His Holiness.


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