What are you shooting for?

I went out turkey hunting this past Saturday. Since this is only the third time I have tried it, I would hardly call myself an expert. I learned three valuable lessons about life in the midst of my failed hunt.

1.) Be patient when pursuing your goal.

Turkey hunting is one of the most challenging things a sportsman can do. Wild turkey are very intelligent and elusive. you have to call them in to you in order to take one. I am not a professional caller by any stretch of the imagination. Yet here I am in the woods calling in a Tom from the ridge over. It took about 30-40 Min. to bring him into where I was. So patience was vital. I would call and he would respond gobbling at me. A recent show I watched on hunting turkey said “When you get one responding spread out your calls.” I tried to do that and was rewarded by the tom gobbling behind the thicket 15 yards away! He came around the thicket and much to my horror my decoy hen was in between us. Hence the title for lesson #2.

2.) Make sure there is nothing inbetween you and your goal.

Yep, I made a huge mistake. I put something in between me and my goal of  taking a Turkey for the first time. All of the calling, and preparation for the hunt was about to pay off, except for my rookie mistake. Man, I couldn’t believe it. Did that deter me? Heck, no! He raised his head up and I thought I can take him! So I slowly squeezed the trigger.

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BOOM! the noise of my shot gun echoed down the hill and across the ravine! The Old tom flipped up in the air, and I knew I had hit him! in my excitement I stood up and yelled WOOOOOO!!!! I GOT HIM! Only to be disappointed as I went to claim my goal to watch it fly off into the woods uninjured. I then realized that my decoy had taken all of the pellets that were meant for my Turkey. Disappointment was very real at that moment. All my hard work just flew away. Fortunately, for me I had the third lesson to encourage me.

3.) Have a couple of good friends along for the journey.

My friend Jimmy was with me and saw it all. He shared the excitement and the disappointment. My friend Robby who I have become as close to as a brother was texting me and said this about my miss. “Oh well, It happens, stay at it.” While this wasn’t a life changing moment for me it was a valuable lesson.

What I learned is that we need to be patient when pursuing our goals, remove the obstacles we have up, and share the journey with at least a couple of friends. It’s much more fun! If nothing else after it’s all said and done, you will have someone to laugh with you over the situation.


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