The Shelf

Have you ever thought that God has put you on the shelf?

If you have let me encourage you that you are not alone. I’ve felt like that before. As a matter of fact very recently. The truth is that God doesn’t put anyone on the shelf. He might sit us down on the bench for a season, but he never shelves us. His purposes for the bench is one of equipping, discipline, or rest. Our Job is to give into His purposes and allow ourselves to be conformed to His will.

The bench is not always a bad thing. It can be life changing because it’s on the bench that the coach can communicate the fundamentals we need to succeed. God is always speaking to us, just like a coach during a game is always yelling direction, or cheering the players on, God is always speaking wisdom.

A Coach will pull a player from the floor when he or she feels they are in foul trouble, making mistakes, or just tired. Yet while on the bench you will often see the great coaches directing, correcting or encouraging the player. God who is more than a coach to us will pull us and do the same!

Only when he does it. He restores the foul troubled as if they had no fouls, He takes those making mistakes and corrects teaching them how to be mistake free, He takes the tired and gives them rest. He also heals the injured and wounded.

So if you find yourself on the bench take time to listen to God, He will tell you why and restore you to a greater role than you had before.

Sorry about the basketball analogy I’m a Kentucky Wildcat fan. Oh yea I root for the Arkansas Razorbacks as well.


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