Empty me

If we are to understand fully what Christ is to do for us,and are to become partakers of a full salvation, we must learn to know, and tohate, and to give up entirely this cursed self.  
Murray,Andrew (2009-10-04). The Master’s Indwelling (p. 17). Public Domain Books.Kindle Edition.
               Lately I’vebeen reading Andrew Murray’s book “The Masters Indwelling”. It is a convictingand challenging book because I am reminded that there is a lot of me stillhere. My point is that Jesus must have all of me, and I must have none of me!
               Murrayhas this to say about self “Self is the power with which God has created andendowed every intelligent creature. Self is the very center of a created being.And why did God give the angels or man a self? The object of this self was that we might bring it as an empty vesselunto God; that He might put into it His life.Murray, Andrew (2009-10-04). The Master’s Indwelling (p. 16).Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition.
               One ofthe problems I have is that when I come to Jesus in prayer my Vessel isn’tempty. It may be a little empty, or mostly empty, either way He can’t fill meup unless I am totally empty of self. The problem is I’m not alone in this.Most Christians are in the same boat. We are to full of self.
               Let’s behonest for a second. Do you think that we would have a 41% divorce rate in theChurch if we weren’t so full of self? We are full of self-love, self-fulfillment,self-will, self-confidence. Quite frankly we don’t need each other because ofself-reliance.
               Look atthe modern Name it Claim it gospel. It is all about self! God will give me healthand wealth as long as I claim it by faith. Is this true? I’m Pentecostal Ibelieve in divine healing and miracles, I have seen people healed and madewhole. The message appeals to the self life! Which makes it more wrong thanright. So I do not believe it is true.
               Murray’sright. We are a vessel that needs to be emptied of self and given to God whowill then pour out Himself into it. If I can find away to do this and pour outthe crud of self and allow Him to pour in the pure Holiness of Himself then hecan use me in the way he wants to.
               I havethis quote on my wall from William Booth. “If there is anything of power in mylife and ministry today, it is because God has all the adoration of my heart,all the power of my will, and all the adoration of my heart.”
               Oh Lorddo not leave me be until you have received all of the adoration of my heart,power of my will, and all the adoration of my heart! Teach me how to empty outthe vessel of self so you can fill it up with all of you. Amen


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