My Lament

I wrote this on May 21st of this year after a neighbor died in his sleep. 

A neighbor in his sleep just passedaway, yet I wonder…did I do enough to show him Jesus and the way? Was Christevident in me, did my life proclaim it loud and clear? Oh how I hope so for mywords I am afraid were never clear. 
Please don’t misunderstand; we hadtalked from time to time, but somehow the gospel just never came up. I askmyself why?
Was I ashamed or afraid? Maybe concernedI would push him away. Too late I see the error of my ways, too late to explainit, to late to tell him of the way. 
Gone, gone those words shall everhaunt me…I missed my chance and now it’s gone! Forever lost to deaths darkmist. Forever separated he now sits. Cut off from the grace I know so well… thoughfrom my lips I doubt you could tell.
Where was the alarm on my tongue, Ikept silent and now it’s done!! Through deaths dark veil has opportunity gone.
Don’t try to appease me just let mebe!  For the blood of that man is laid upon me. Oh God I repent of keepingit in!!! Forgive me of this gross and heinous sin!!! No greater offense isthere than this. Keeping silent while the world in sin sits.
If after death then the judgment Ibelieve. Why oh why did of Jesus I not speak? Who do I think I am? Not sharingthe gospel with this man! How dare I hold it in… while right next door I lethim die in sin.
Holy Spirit bring me no comfortuntil it sinks in! I let someone you love die in sin! Cut my heart until thistruth sinks deep. The world needs Jesus in my thought, words and deeds!!!
Actions are fine when seen from afar,but up close and personal words are better by far! If in the riches of Jesus Itruly believe, then how can I keep silent when people around me are dying insin?
Oh Lord, make me feel in debt tothose; who the truth of the gospel have yet to know. Let me make up for theerror of my way’s and stand between the lost and death, hell, and the grave!

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